Koi no Chikara (2002)

Koi no Chikara (2002)


Toko (Fukatsu Eri), decides after she turns 30 that she is all but ready to give up on any future career hopes or romance, so she turns to the bottle for comfort. She knows that this isn’t the best thing, but can’t find the strength right now to do anything except choose the easy way to do things. This causes her to start getting down on herself. Luckily though, she doesn’t give up hope completely, and tries to take things as they come. Which proves to help to some degree.

Suddenly one day, a guy by the name of Kotaro (Tsutsumi Shinichi) comes along. Like Toko, Kotaro hasn’t had much luck at work either. Even so, this is still the same guy that Toko liked when she was younger.

Other Name: 恋ノチカラ

Released: Jan. 10, 2002




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