Medaka (2004)

Medaka (2004)


Takako Meguro, a typical office worker known to her friends as Medaka, starts a new career as a night school teacher when her company restructures. At first, she’s not so crazy about her new job and gets by with a minimum of effort. But as she continues, she finds out it’s quite a challenge after all. Her students range from a high school dropout to a salaried worker, and also include a self-employed fellow, and a cabaret hostess, in short, a motley crew! What’s more, half of them are older than her and, to make matters worse, one of them is a elementary school classmate. But a certain turn of events results in Medaka’s becoming a really dedicated teacher! Although she’s surprised herself at this change of character, her trials are just about to begin.

Other Name: めだか

Released: Oct. 05, 2004




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